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Reconnect and disconnect | Natty contrera artistry | Philly MUA

I took a spontaneous, cold trip to the Jersey shore one morning with my good friend who came into town just for a short two days. Below are pictures and a list of how I am reconnecting and disconnecting. 

I've done a lot to feel alive again, to regain myself, to continue this self love journey. I have focused on me. I have reconnected stronger to those near me. I have left my phone on "do not disturb" way longer every day. Reconnect and Disconnect.  It's good for you.

Reconnect with those around you. Be present. 

Reconnect with yourself. Do something for you. 

Disconnect from your phone. 

Disconnect from your work. Give yourself hours. 

Reconnect with your creativity. 

Reconnect with nature. 

Disconnect with those who do not see your vision, respect your life or are toxic. 

Reconnect with what makes your heart full. 

Disconnect with wanting instant gratification, checking social media and responding quickly.

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