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28 things I've learned before 28

1. If you think you know yourself by now, you have a lot to learn.

2. eat to nourish your body but also, just eat the cupcake.

3. the universe listenes to everything you say. The good and the bad. Your thoughts become your reality.

4. travel more. Period.

5. Always carry a little bit of cash.

6. everyone could use a therapist

7. be selfish sometimes.

8. a good skin care routine is everything

9. you are allowed to change your mind.

10. Some days will just fucking suck. It will feel like the end. It’s not.

11. always memorize one persons number incase you end up in jail.

12. disconnecting from social media is amazing.

13. being mindful adds a lot of anxiety until you’re comfortable

14. do more of what makes you happy.

15. sometimes lipstick is more important than not eating ramen for a week.

16. but your health is everything

17. I can not party like I used to – actually, I take that back. I can. I don’t want to.

18. I have the perfect pair of gold hoops, again.

19. it’s okay to spend time alone. It’s okay to be unavailable. it's okay to be overwhelmed.

20. Go to the gustation if your car is at a 1/4 tank or less.

21. read more.

22. spread love.

23. everyone is trying to define everything. Don’t. trust the process.

24. people come in your life for different reasons, seasons or a lifetime.

25. some people have to leave for others to enter.

26. I’m not quiet sure about life completely and that’s ok.

27. most days, I find myself beautiful. I can not wait to feel that all the days.

28. this is going to be the best year of my life to date..

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