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Brows | natty contrera artistry | philly mua


I'm just popping in to show you my favorite brow products right now. 

Pictured below is:

1. Anastasia Pro Pencil Color corrector primer.  This is used underneath my brow to define my arch and give an illusion of a "lift" (not pictured). 

2. Goof Proof Pencil in Shade 4 by Benefit 

This is used to create sharp definition, mimic hair throughout my brows 

3. Gimme Brow Shade 3 

This is used to add extra fullness to my brows using a fiber technology. 

4. Ready, Set, Brow! Which was just changed over in name by Benefit to "24hr Brow". 

This water-proof, 24 hour wearing, clear brow gel allows my brows not to go anywhere all day. It also is great for a quick, more feathered brow look! 

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