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The sunscreen in your moisturizer isn't working | skincare Tuesdays | Philly mua | Natty Contrer


Imagine, you’re on the beach, in the sand. If we’re imagining the perfect scenery, I have an adorable bikini on, my body is toned perfectly, butt is the peach emoji, my hair is long and wavy to match the ocean waves. I apply my sunscreen on my picnic sized blanket. I go through the waves, letting them crash on my knees, two hours go by and I run to reapply my sunscreen again. Why? Because, we know that sunscreen is only active for 90 minutes and that most sunscreens are only water resistant. How come we have not figured that out for our face moisturizers? YES! Your, must have day-cream with a SPF 900000 is only ACTIVE for 90 minutes. Here’s what that means: after you put it on along with your primer, your makeup, you sip your morning coffee and head out to work, your sunscreen has spent majority of that 90 minutes being active in your home. Once the 90 minutes are up, so is your sunscreen protection. YOU HAVE TO REAPPLY! Just like you had to do on that beautiful beach day in your perfect bikini. Go ahead girl, we’ll call you baewatch. No, seriously though. Not to mention, SPF (physical and chemical) dilutes the anti-aging properties that you are paying a pretty penny for. How much more could I rain on your parade? First, I tell you about all the wrong cleansers you’re using and NOW THIS. I’m truly sorry but I care about you and that skin, so I have no choice. Don’t worry. I gotchu’. They have developed makeup setting sprays that have SPF in them. These are usually awesome with mattifying or hydrating (depending on what your skin needs) elements. They offer little to no coverage, spray all over your face to focus on setting and refreshing your makeup plus they offer that CONSTANT sunscreen protection. Just remember to reset every 90 minutes. My favorite right now, hands down, is Supergoop’s Mattifying Rose Setting Spray with SPF 50. You can find this at Sephora or Nordstrom for as low as $12. ($28 for the big guy!) Go ahead, spray yo’self and protect yo’self. Lastly, cause you know I love my little side notes, sunscreen does not BLOCK the sun. You will still get tan, I promise. You just will receive protection against any of the harmful and aging rays.

(Side note: I am currently reviewing three Orgins products for Influenster. Stay tuned next week for my blog all about it!)  

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