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Origins Matte Moisturizer Review | Skincare Reviews | Skin Care Tuesdays | Natty Contrera Artistry |

If you haven't already downloaded the app, Influenster I suggest downloading it. If you answer enough questions, submit some reviews and whatever else they need, they send you a ton of goodies. This time I was sent the new Origins collection. I recieved the matte moisturizer, renewal serum and mask.

Honestly, I loved the mask. The rest was meh. The end. Review is over. Hah, kidding. 

The packaging states a "mattify glow". Whatever that means. I take that as a way to say "healthy" skin without excess oil or shine. Unfortunately for Orgins, my skin is pretty normal. I treat it as prevention for anti aging and focus on hydration. I found the moisturizer did not have enough "oomph". Even the ingridents are a bit on the "meh" side. The first three ingridents are water, dimethicone and alcohol.  So, items that fill/dillute, dry and or prime the skin and no oil? I'm okay, thanks. Dinethicone, stay in primers. 

Alcohol, just stay for drinking. You're too drying for toners especially with all the better toning agents out there. 

But, let's talk about the mask. It was a beautiful resurfacing mask. The clay didn't strip my skin even as I felt it drying. I had this gorgeous glow after and completely blurred pores. Amen to that. Serums require 6-8 weeks for results. I'm too dedicated to Sunday Riley Good Genes and Rapid Flash to take that long of a break. 

The consistency of the serum was nice. If you like orgins, don't want oils, haven't used a serum yet, then this is an okay start. 

But, hey, I'm thankful Influenster partners with awesome brands to try things out. 

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