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3 Ways To Love Yourself Harder This Fall | Self Love Fridays | Natty Contrera Artistry | Philly MUA

As you have been able to tell ; I am a huge fan of lists. Honestly, aren't the best blogs just a ton of bullet points and some great gifs anyways? I decided with the cooler weather approaching us, earlier nights and a lot less sunshine, we should be reminded how to love ourselves. Enjoy this Self Love Friday.

1. First, do whatever the fuck you want

I am over reading blogs that say "say yes more" or "stop saying no! Jump out of your comfort zone." "do this" "do that". How about whatever the fuck you want. If you want to travel - travel. If you don't care about pyramids in Egypt, don't go. If you want to eat ice cream in bed for an entire day, do it. Do whatever makes you the happiest. Find your inner happy and hang tight.

2. Stop labeling every god damn thing. 

Seriously. We label EVERYTHING.. Race, religion, sex, gender, names, relationship status, career titles, EVERYTHING. Just accept what is and live with the present. Enjoy the moments as it happens.

3. Take a moment for yourself, every day. 

You deserve it. This goes into number one as well. Whatever you need to do in that moment, do it. Do it, so selfishly, for you and only you.

I truly wanted to keep this short and sweet. I think I got the point across with ease. We often are searching for the answers on how to live the best life. The only person who ever knows those answers are you. So, do you and live well. 

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