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I am NOT a boss babe. | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera Artistry

I am NOT a boss babe. I repeat, I am NOT a boss babe. In fact, I’ve begun to hate the entire-internet-take-over-pinterest-perfect-boss-babe-quote-self-love-picture-instagram-hashtag. It puts self love and this journey into a box. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. Now, with that in mind, I will now explain why I am NOT a boss babe.

For starters, a boss is a dictator. A boss is someone who tells you how to work, how to function, and how to make THEM more money. By definition, “a boss is a person in charge of a worker or organization. A boss gives orders in a domineering manner. “ No thanks. Not me.

I am a leader. My personal growth, my self-love journey, and my career goals are all aligned with building up those around me. I am not made for dictation. I am not made to give orders for things I am not willing to do. I am here to guide. I am here to focus on life. I am here to lead.

Since I was a young child, I decided I could never follow. I could never follow a boss, be a boss or conform. I have always had the intention to lead. I always dreamt of bigger things. I’ve always been a team player and enjoy seeing others happy. I’ve become a girl’s girl.

We need more girls’ girls. We need more leaders. We need more women standing up for each other, erasing society standards and building each other up. We need a lot less Regina Georges. We need a lot less boss babes. We need way more leaders!

As women, we should be striving for success, for raising the bar, for climbing up the ladder without beating other women down. We should be moving and shaking mountains together, arm in arm.

Maybe with fewer “boss babes”, we’ll have less intimidation, more growth and a lot more creativity. The future is female; so, let it shine bright. Spread the vision and love through everyone. Always remember that you are you. There is no better, there is just different. You would be surprised who you could benefit from, who could benefit from you and how we could create a better tomorrow. Seriously. Be a leader, fuck being a boss.

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