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I am a rare breed | self love Fridays | Natty Contrera artistry | philly mua

I am rare. 

This only occurred to me recently. Honestly, it wasn’t something that just came to me on my own. It happened when someone actually called me rare. At first I thought, “Rare…what? How am I rare? Aren’t all women working now a days? Aren’t all women wanting to be happy?” I was told I was special. But aren’t we all? Or was this some fucked up way of you trying to get out of the friend zone when I said I wasn’t interested. Then it hit me. I am rare. 

I don’t meet many women like me. I am not like many women. In fact, I am like no one else. I am me. But here’s the best part: you’ll never be me and I’ll never be you. It’s about fucking time I start really captivating that. It’s time to start being yourself. 

I realized though, the amount of things I do in one day is enough to make someone’s head spin. From managing my own business, posting on social media, answering emails, scheduling events, taking photos/having photos taken, organizing, organizing, organizing, restocking, reimaging, recreating, smiling, branding, producing videos, tutorials, client relations, working with brands, working out, walking my dog, blogging, and all the other things that life hands to us. All the while reminding myself that I am beautiful, happy, and deserving. 

These things, though, are just things that I do. How am I rare? I am rare because I choose to go against society’s standards. I have found ways to love myself in a society that tells me not to. I am rare because I’ve always stood up for what I believe in, even when I was younger. People have said that I’ve “always had a mouth on me”. Sometimes that mouth meant losing friends or lovers, but this mouth always kept my integrity strong. I am rare because my intuition is spot on and I let it guide me. I fully trust myself and the direction my life is going. I am rare because I know my worth. I am rare because in a world full of Instagram filters, I choose to go unfiltered knowing that I am more than just a pretty face. When it seems like everyone else around is playing games, I have focused on being more vulnerable. While everyone is trying to show a highlight reel, I’m trying to be real. In these moments, while it may not seem like much, it’s what makes me rare. It makes me raw. It makes me real.

Take a few minutes. Turn off the electronic devices, look in the mirror. No, really look. Look past what you consider a flaw. What makes YOU rare? I assure you, you are. Share more about yourself this weekend. Be vocal about your wants and needs. Work hard. Don’t show out for people who are just trying to keep up. Remember that everyone else is also just trying to show up, too.  

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