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Creating Space | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera Artistry

I read often. Sometimes way less than I should, but I truly try to pick up books and articles. I have the entire “The Secret” collection because I was always inspired by Rhonda Byrne’s books. I even use “The Secret to Money” app and try to keep up with the daily Secret emails. In something from The Secret, I am pretty sure it was in a book, but I am having a hard time remembering where exactly I got this from, I read about a woman creating space. The idea of it was so simplistic but fascinating to me.

The woman was telling a story about a moment in her life when she was romantically alone. She realized she slept in the middle of her bed, her closet was filled with clothes, her shoes piled every where and every aspect of her house was crammed with things for her. How could anyone include themselves in her life when she had filled it to the brim with HER? She started clearing and purging to make space. She even talked about how she stopped sleeping in the middle of her bed to create space for someone else. I thought this was fascinating. She was visualizing and manifesting the space for someone. She ended up finding that someone who took up the extra side of her bed. I think they met somewhere so random like the grocery store.

I think about that story often. It focuses so much on manifesting. I started doing the same with my clothes and other aspects of my life. When we hold on to a lot of clutter, we hold on to negativity and chaos. I wanted to clear out my life for those that are deserving to be apart of it. I wanted to remove negative energy to promote a positive space. It also makes you realize how much junk you have that brings you no joy that you hold on to. (Yes, I’ve tried the Japanese purging technique of holding an item to see if it brings you joy. I am starting to realize I am a lot less materialistic than I thought).

We feel better when our life is organized. There have been so many theories about a made bed and an organized room that equals to success and love. I do also understand that the woman throwing old shoes away did not bring her love. It was her acceptance, her mindset, and the welcoming of love that brought it into her life. We are so okay with thinking and accepting the negative. It’s worth trying the other side and embracing the positive.

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