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Everyone Needs A Co-Pilot • Natty Contrera Artistry • Philly MUA • Self Love Fridays

This was actually semi-inspired by a conversation that I had with someone about the Will Smith videos finding their way on Facebook. Will Smith has always been inspirational and an awesome celebrity crush of mine. Lately, more than ever, he’s doing videos on Facebook of motivational talks. One in particular was about who is fanning your flames. He made a really good point saying, “look at your last five text messages. Are those people feeding your flame or dousing your fire?” It made me realize, during the conversation that I was having, that all major/successful celebrities do not have an entourage of people. They do not have acquaintances beyond acquaintances that they mask as friends. They have a co-pilot. (Yes, sometimes a few extra but we’re going to focus on a co-pilot). Everyone needs a co-pilot. This is the person that when you’re in your car driving, you look to your right and smile. They are already smiling at you. They enjoy the moments they have in the passenger seat because they know you need them. The co-pilot does not try to outshine you. They do not try to steal your moments or be a back seat driver telling you how they could do it all better. They also know if roles were reversed, or if it were their time to shine, you would be in their spot with the same smile as they have the steering wheel. Everyone needs a co-pilot. ‘Cause sometimes power couples do it for the money. ‘Cause friends fall through the cracks with drama and jealousy. ‘Cause family isn’t always blood. ‘Cause love doesn’t always solve all the problems when we have not fixed our own demons. There are so many REASONS why people don’t stay. It’s okay. I have said for so long that people leave so others can enter. Everyone needs a co-pilot. For the moments where we think it’s us against the world. For when our creative energy feels dry. For when we are so excited to share what we are working on before any one else sees it. For the times where our demons seem impossible and we just need to know that we deserve more. For those smiles, those dreams. Two is always better than one. So, tell me, who’s yours?

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