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About Me Blog 2.0 | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera Artistry

I made my first blog in 2016 an "about me" post. As I blog, I am sure my readers are getting a sense of me, however, I've changed a lot since 2016 so here's my 2.0 update. But, what is so funny, coming up with a list of what is SO different about me now is actually kind of hard. I'm just different, okay.

With each and every day I have found that I've grown more confident in my craft, in my skills, in my passion and in new adventures. I've conquered an entire new bracket of self love and self understanding. I've not only identified some of my "demons" that I was living with but I'm working on overcoming anything that does not make me the best me. My self love is the most important thing to me right now.

Honestly, putting myself first is the thing I realized I'm the worst at. Each day I get a tiny bit better.

I still love tacos and sushi. I struggle between my love for tea and craving iced coffees. I like to put a ton of fruit into water and I can't stop wearing the Milk Makeup Highlighter in Lit. I prefer editorial, dewy makeup over the Instagram-cut-crease. I crack my neck and my finger probably more than I should. Vision boards make me happy and inspire me constantly. I tend to still get overly anxious about things I overthink. GImme the warm weather over everything. I sing or rap outloud in my car. I always tell my dog hes the perfect human even though that makes no damn sense. And, I still can laugh so hard I cry. Life is good. I'm learning to live and let live.

My best advice is to love yourself harder than you've ever loved any god damn thing before. That type of energy only attracts people who are going to love you just as much. And if for some reason, they don't, you aren't searching for the validation anyways.

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