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Stop Sending Me Groundhog Day Texts ! | Fuck Boy Logic | Self Love Fridays | Philly MUA | Natty Cont

Is it Winter or Spring? You're just waiting for the ground hog to pop out. Turns out it can be the same sometimes with men. "Hi Stranger!" "Where've you been?" "You up!" or the famous, "You still mad at me?". First of all, I will be forever mad. But seriously, who has taught these men now-a-days to text like this.

I was having a conversation with one of my favorite girlfriends, in which she said, "guess who just texted me?". Honestly, dating throughout my twenties has been a lot of "guess who the fuck just texted me" messages. We screen shot, send it in group chats and usually laugh at your demise. If not, we're trying to figure out what your intent is and if this is even worth a reply. You're not slick and half the time, we just respond because we're bored as well.

I used to live for "groundhog text". I thought they were hilarious. Now, in my late twenties, I don't find them as hilarious anymore. I find them as an utter waste of time. As we learn how valuable our time is, we learn that we really only want to acknowledge those worth it. Friend, family, foe or whatever. Time is valuable. Honestly, time is money. I rather be collecting my coins than dealing with the eighth "WYD Stranger" text of the week.

So, this is ATTN: to ALL MEN. You are not pulling one over us. We see you. We see how you evolved with sending SnapChats and DMS to "keep in our lives". We see the "Merry Christmas" and "hey big head.." texts. We know we aren't the only one you miss when you're bored. It's okay we only miss you for entertainment and boredom as well.

But all, I can say is, so long. I do not have time. I can only hope that more and more of us stop acknowledging the ground hog. Who gives a fuck if you'll have six more weeks of winter. Enjoy life with or without the pest. seriously.

PS Disclaimer ****There’s a difference between the “thirsty you up” text and vulnerable “I’m ready to be a better man” text. I am always one for second chances and truly believe the world needs more vulnerability. This message in no way, shape or form is towards men looking to prove that they are worth the time or that they messed up. However, there is distinctive differences between the two types of situations.

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