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Violet Forest Creations: Woman Crush Wednesday Business Editions | Local Philly Business | Philly MU

I am so excited for the March Edition starring my best friend Holly's Jewelry line called Violet Forest Creations. Holly is/was one of my mentors in the beauty world. We became best friends through our ex boyfriends and never stopped loving each other. She helped me through so much as a best friend should but also on my career and professional side. Holly, before having her daughter Violet, was a full time educator and hairstylist. She now, is not only full time mommy, but she's part time hair stylist and educator. If that does not seem like a lot on one's plate, she decided to become a small business owner and share with the world her love for electroform copper jewelry that includes using crystals and various oddities.


Holly the Creator


Violet the Inspiration: 

Q: Holly, What gets your brain moving?

A: Everything! Does your brain every stop moving? I know mine is never quiet

Q: Why did you start your business? 

A: When I found out I was pregnant with my now 11 month old daughter, I reevaluated my life and quality of it. At the time I was working two full time jobs as a hair stylist and a Paul Mitchell educator (which I also traveled all around the United States for almost monthly) I stepped down from education as I wanted to be a present mother. Once Violet joined me on this earth, I found my world evolved. Life was full of passion and creativity again. And though being a mother comes with its own responsibilities, it was not the pace I was accustomed to. Eventually my mind and hands needed to get moving again. I had always enjoyed wire wrapping crystal jewelry, but as more of a once in a while, craft day sort of capacity. I didn't know what electroforming was at the time, only that it looked cool and I wanted to learn about it. Everything I do is entirely self taught. To say I fell in love with the process is an understatement. I decided to start marketing and selling my work solely as a way to support my crystal buying addiction I developed. I soon discovered this was a great way to supplement income while being able to be present with my daughter. I named my business Violet Forest Creations after my daughter, Violet. If it weren't for her I would have never made the time to discover this new world that brings me so much joy and creative satisfaction. "

Q. How does your product/service work?  A. To put it simply, electroforming is a process in which I create a controlled environment and I grow copper onto an item through the use of science, electricity and a little bit of added magic. That is what gives my settings that earthy, organic look.  Every piece is one of a kind and cannot be recreated. It's wonderful because I get to feel like an artist, mad scientist and alchemist all in one! 

Q. What kind of advice could you give to women about self confidence?

A.  This is a difficult thing to sum up, as it has taken 30 years on this earth full of experiences to gain the confidence I have today. But what I have learned is trust your intuition. Don't pursue things or people who give you bad feelings. Love your life with honesty, and be honest with others (without being cruel)  And be sure to surround yourself with people that serve you with respect, integrity and unconditional support. Especially if that support included telling you when they feel you are making bad decisions so you have the opportunity to grow. 

Make sure to check her out on Instagram for flash sales, new collections, custom pieces and more.  She just launched Siren's Song Collection. This collection includes pieces from her first trip to Aruba. Holly has plans to launch her second half of Siren's Song collection after her trip to Aruba. The collection will include pieces from Aruba from her inner mermaid heart to yours.  Violet Creations

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