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Meet My Parents | Philadelphia MUA | Natty Contrera Artistry

This probably seems like a very silly blog topic, but I think our parents are crucial to a lot of the things that happen in our adult life. It would be crazy to think my creativity and entrepreneur mindset came from anywhere else but them. My parents own a small, but very busy and successful HVAC business in the Metro Detroit area. (A.S. Contrera Home of Mr. Furnace)

When I was a kid, my dad would ask me how many hours would I have to work (currently working at McDonalds) to pay for whatever item I wanted. He drives my business side. He is the voice in my head giving me the ability to smooth over sales and genuinely have a knack for leadership. He is my ability to be a small business owner.

In addition to being owner of the HVAC business, my mom, also owns, Fancy PantZ. And, even though I fought her on the name, she kicks ass at this business. She has always had a niche for amazing organization and interior design. My brother and I always had the dopest rooms on any budget my family was working with at the time. Mom is my creative side.. She has a skill in art and a keen eye for detail. At this point, I feel like I'm writing my parent's resume. Mom gives me the patience to work with any type of circumstance

Let’s not get it twisted now, my parents weren't always rolling around in these successful businesses. This is the part that makes me love them and their story the most. They both grew up in Detroit, both from foreign huge families. My mom's parents were immigrants to the United States and did not speak English. They spoke Arabic and learned English along the way. Both sides of my grandparents also were entrepreneurs. So, from the start, it wasn’t part of my world to work for anyone else besides me, myself, and I!

My mom was a single parent with my sister when she met my dad. She was serving at a diner and doing whatever she could to make ends meet. My dad, was a high school drop-out, working for someone else's HVAC business. YES, you heard it right.

My dad was a failed system kid in the Detroit Public Schools. He was one of 10 siblings so he easily got lost in the shuffle. It wasn't until I came along, my dad had trouble reading me bed time stories, but was amazing at reading blue-prints that he went ahead and got his G.E.D. My dad constantly pushed for college and as much of a heart attack as I gave him for dropping out so many times, I ended up in cosmetology school to start my own business that required me to constantly be broke. I still weirdly enough make him proud.

My parents are one of my biggest support systems. They have been my entire life. Even when I scared them for wanting things like so many piercings and tattoos, for wanting to move across the country at 18, for my desire to constantly be traveling, for driving my car, for getting in trouble with the police and more. They love me nonetheless and as I age, become a stronger business woman, they become even bigger supports. (Sometimes, too much support and love and don’t forget the opinions, mom and dad love to give their opinion but hey, guess that’s what parents are for.)

How do you feel your parents influenced your life? Send questions and comments to my email.


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