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9 Goals for 29 • Natty Contrera Artistry • Philly MUA

My birthday was recently and it's full gemini season. Here’s to 29. May it be better than 28 and prep me well for 30. I am accepting of the abundance and wealth the universe can provide. Let’s begin with my goals: 

1. Stop being there for EVERYONE.

It is okay to not drop everything for your friend who broke up with her boyfriend -- for the fifteenth time.  It's okay to not deal with family drama, especially, when it does not effect you directly. It's okay to not rearrange your schedule or change things because friends or family need a favor. My goal is to be more selfish with my time. Forever learning. 



2. Let go of fear. Choose love. 

I still find myself being hot tempered, flying-off-the-handle mad at someone for judging, having an opinion that I feel as insensitive towards me, being insensitive and more. I am letting go of judgment in general. I still find myself being scared of "losing control" of situations in fear I do not know the outcome. I choose love instead of fear. I believe in miracles and good vibes.

3. Pick up old habits

I want to start playing music again. I want an outlet and to express myself differently. I received a keyboard as a birthday gift. I plan to reteach myself, from when I played piano, and learn more. 

4. Save Money My goal is to save $200 dollars a month for the next 12 months. Every penny counts. Also, every time I have cash I've been saving change and all my one dollar bills. 

5. Stick to goals I love to give myself so many goals that I can not stick to them. I decided to really focus on that ten percent shift. Not overload myself. No extreme changes but still aggressive goals. 

6. Listen to more audibles/read more books. My favorites during 28 were: 

Girl, Wash Your Face

Men Don't Love Women Like You

Universe Has Your Back 

Currently listening to: 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" 

7. Channel your anxiety into your career or art. This is a big one for me. Sometimes I spiral out of control in anxiousness, then here I am four hour later, unporductive, unmotivated and upset I got so anxious over things I can not control. Instead, I want to channel it into things I can control..or things I hope to benefit from.

8. Continue my journey in Self Awareness I stopped calling it self love. To love thy self means I'm content and happy. It means I've conquered my demons and I've understood what they are, what they did to me and how to overcome them. I've already seen my success and I'm on the way to more. I think I'm in the beginning. I think I'm aware of me and the power of me. I am now working on the best way to love me. I am working on the best way to create my self love.

9. Do something powerful and empowering to others. On a much bigger scale. 

All in the works. 

 Photography: Joe Mac Creative | | Instagram: @joemaccreative 

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