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8 Things Learned During 28! + Photos | Natty Contrera | Philadelphia MUA

Photos by Fisher Visuals (@fisher_visuals)

Joe Mac (@joemaccreative)

Rose The Guy (@rosetheguy)

Spiz The Prophet (@spiztheprophet)

Dave K. Mount Photos (

Another year in the books.

Who would of thought I would of made through twenty-eight to see twenty-nine. Some days definitely have been harder than others. I would not of said twenty-eight was my favorite year but it was not my worst. I challenged myself constantly at twenty-eight. All I can say is, I am going to kill being 29.

1. I learned how to get comfortable in my own space, being alone and not needing attention of those I truly did not invest time in. This also taught me how valuable my time truly is.

2. Count your blessings. Your blessings are there. Find the joy in everything.

3. I need to get way better at budgeting. Slowly but surely, I am learning this one.

4. Not everything needs a reaction right away. Breathe. React when you are calm -- even if it takes days.

5. Do not discuss things with everyone. I'm really trying to master this one.

6. Being vulnerable is not as scary as one would thing. Choosing love attracts more love.

7. I have major trust issues and other things from early adulthood (or childhood). I'm glad to recognize and take head on.

8. Let go of judgement. Of yourself. Of others. Of your fear of being judged.

“What you judge in others is a reflection of what you judge in yourself. What you love in others is a reflection of your light” - The Universe Has Your Back

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