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Social Media Detox | How I'm living my life OFF the internet

I figured out after doing some online sales business last year that one of my biggest anxiety triggers is an overload of social media. Since that discovery, I've pushed myself to be more present and less immersed in the internet. Sometimes I fail miserably, but that’s okay. Even I periodically need that little bit of 'detox' to point me in the right direction again.

1. Put your phone down somewhere you can't see it. I can not stress this one enough. Sometimes we have our phones so visible at all times, we might as well put a plate out at the dinner table for it. I've had these moments where I feel like my social media is lacking and I want to post. IT IS OK TO POST. IT IS OKAY TO BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. It is not okay to compare our lives to others and to live more on it than off it.

I also realize that since being off social media more, only posting on my artistry page 1-3 times a week, that my business has suffered. I have WAY less bridal than ever before. BUT, I have gained some amazing clients in a different sense so ultimately everything evened out. My clients and my business shifted. I make sure to update, post, and work, but I'm making sure to balance work life a lot better. NOT EVEN work life, just balance real life vs social media time better too.

2. Don't announce it.

This isn't a trophy. You're not going to see an influx of texts because you're deleting Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Detox for you, not for attention. Come back when you feel, leave when you want. We need to stop announcing our every move to the internet. Thats half the point of the detox.

If you don't tell all of Facebook you’re social media detoxing, how will anyone know you're just living your life? (Insert old joke of if the tree falls in the forest here.)

3. Catch yourself (or limit yourself)

I used to be one of those, as soon as you wake up, check your phone kind of people. My phone used to be the last thing I saw before I fell asleep, sometimes completely ignoring the television to scroll to see what Karen is doing, or Rachel, or Shania, or Josh, or Jacob, or the man I randomly went on a date with once and somehow we're social media friends still. Whoever it is, it does not matter. So now, I limit myself. I check or I post and I log off. If I find myself scroll for too long, I've been catching myself and immediately logging off. ‘Cause, why?

I found myself opening the Instagram or whatever social media app scrolling literally minutes after closing it. It was like a cycle, a formed habit. Now, it's so annoying when I see friends do it when we're enjoying time together. They don't even notice they are mindlessly scrolling mid-conversation.

I've also come to notice the happiest I've been is a way from my phone. The friends or family I find to also be the happiest are the people that are less of a texter, less of a social media scroller, a must check-in-er once we arrive somewhere. So, maybe there is truth to the puddin', darlin'. Log off of the media and log on to your real life.

4. Never apologize.

I am sure anyone who owns a business and relies on social media to help boost sales can relate to this one. We constantly are saying "sorry!". It'll be "Sorry I haven't been so active, I've been spending time with my family, kids, brother, sister, significant other, dog, toothbrush." Ok, I know I'm being dramatic with the toothbrush comment, but seriously. Why should I apologize for living my life because I'm not on social media posting my favorite lipstick of the week or the hottest makeup trends for the summer? No matter what you do for a living, do not apologize for being you, living your life and being present to those who matter.

5. Live your life

Self-explanatory I hope. Live the best life that makes you feel the most fulfilled naturally.

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