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#WCW: Business Edition Presents: Mom Jeans on Me | Philly Blogger | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera

Happy #WCW !

I am 8 months in on these blogs guys. I am so proud of myself. Even in life's most busiest moments, even when I can't blog about anything else, I at least shout out the other women in my life that are doing it big.

This Month I decided to shout out another blogger and makeup artist. This beautiful inside-and-out, single mama is a long time industry friend and new blogger. Janisa runs Mom Jeans On Me. It's not only a blog but an entire lifestyle, tips focused and great mom tribe. Janisa opens up about the hardships of her past relationships, raising a child as a single mom and being just an amazing support of all things girls. She focuses on beauty, self empowerment and being unapolgetically black. Honestly, every time I do these shout outs, I think, seriously, I am so lucky to be surrounded by some of the strongest women. It's even more astonishing to know that this strong ass woman is raising the next generation!


Q: Janisa, What exactly is Mom Jeans On Me?

A: A mommy blog/community.

If you browse through MJOM site you’ll see that we offer “mommy hustler” where we high light others who are just out here kicking ass while being a mom, most of them are mamaprenuers. Mom Jeans also likes to highlight book of the month, mommy hacks, beauty blogs and videos, and lifestyle blogging. Fall of 2018 MJOM will be introducing apparel. We also are hosting our first mommy networking brunch August 19, 2018 and plan on doing so quarterly.

Q:What else is there about you or Mom Jeans On ME.

A: I’m a single mother... and my trials and tribulations are what motivated me to create my brand. I love making people feel good about themselves and supporting not just moms but women period. There’s enough people out here for us all to win!

Q: I love this! Tell me more about what Mom Jeans On Me Provides

A: My mission for MJOM is to promote Life After Baby: Self Care Awareness for mothers of all walks of life, everywhere! We need to know how important it is! It is crucial that during our trials and tribulations of this book we call mom-life, that we are not losing focus of mom self care. Because if we cannot be good to ourselves, how can we expect to be good for anybody else. Through the stories that are shared on the blog we hope to touch the hearts and spirits of many mamas across the globe.


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Q: What kind of advice could you give to women about self confidence?

A: We as women go through so many changes/stages physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally once we come to terms and understand that as women the self confidence just becomes natural. Knowing yourself will never allow for others opinions about you to disturb your peace.

“The Secret is in your daily routine.”

Q: Why did you start doing this type of thing?

A: I needed to create a safe space for myself as a single mother and began to see how my story could help others and then Mom Jeans On Me was created. Being a mother is something I felt I was meant to do and being able to help others just makes me happy.

"There is a brand mommy community called @bossmomnation that I followed shortly after I had my son. There wasn’t really many to follow only just like 3 years ago... I fell in love with the two ladies who started the community and met some really cool moms via social media through them that till this day I can call on for advice. Sadly they were located on the other side of the United States lol so I took my safe place and turned it into a safe place for other moms that I could reach."

To check out what Janisa is doing follow her here:

Instagram: Momjeansonme


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