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I'm Uninspired. Period. | Philly Blogger | Natty Contrera Artistry

I am uninspired. I think my seasonal depression is already setting in; even though winter has not even hit yet. I have the ability to never stop sleeping, beyond stressed and anxious with a true lack of motivation. Makes sense that I have no inspiration to create art, blog or whatever. I am ready for a new venture, I can tell you that much.

The best thing of all is I am self aware enough to push myself out of my comfort zone -- or try. But, let's be honest, we all aren't self-aware 24/7. Work tends to get in the way. Especially, with my new job, I'm feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed more than I'm not. I am having a hard time balancing work and life. Not to mention, to remember to eat healthy, work out, feed my dog and more. Adulting is hard, amirite?

(Photographed by: @whitneymichellesmith)

But besides all that, cause quite frankly, fuck all that. I am uninspired. I have a list of new ventures and blogs, yet I sit here, watching shark tank. Out of all things, Shark tank, for hours on end. That is how uninspired I am. I can't even get myself hooked into a new tv show or documentary. I am watching SHARK TANK. Which if you're wondering, I've become very business savvy because of it.

Here's my advice.: Write. I started just journaling again. Most of my journaling was complete ass. Seriously, I felt like I was writing Blink 182 lyrics in a book. “Work sucks. I know. (s)He left me roses by the stairs, surprises that I know (s)He cares.” I kept writing though. Some light bulb in my head switched off and I messaged a friend. She told me “write about being uninspired”. I laughed and said “cool, I’ll tell everyone about how lame I’ve been”. But, it clicked. It worked. It jump-started my thoughts into my next adventure and how I want to do so many things. Life isn’t about being one thing. It’s about a bunch of things and exploring and enjoying.


Side note: The average millionaire has 11 sources of income. Shark Tank investors have like 600 at this point. You want to make money? You can’t just be or do one thing. Don’t limit yourself. You love and do so many different things. Okay, back to reality.


If you’re feeling the same, seasonal depression is setting in, life is taking over or whatever it may be, write it down. Or do yoga, or paint, or breathe, or whatever. Just do. Do so much that you flip the switch.

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