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Why Thank U, Next Came Out At The Best Time | Thank U, Next | Philly Blogger | Natty Contrera Artist

Welcome to another new month. I have so many things to tell you guys. Including, I quit my job...with no plan. Well, lol, I always have something. But, nothing concrete and it's entirely okay. Because THANK YOU, NEXT. (lol, I know she meant relationships BUT work relationships are a big part of our lives)

Did you cue up your youtube to watch the video at exactly 3pm when it dropped? Or did you wait, like me, to see the hype? Well, I'm mad I waited. Cause, yes, girl, YES FUCKING YES! Ariana Grande, you have created a new fan. (Let me note, I never disliked her. I am just not a huge pop, top 40 fan, so I never gave her a chance).

Not only is she speaking to my 29 year old self in every iconic movie I've loved so dearly; she is speaking to my self as a woman, who has had so many 'thank you, next' moments. But, quite honestly, I am so happy she's talking about learning, growing and knowing when to move forward. We have enough love songs, we have enough fuck songs, we have enough feel good and break up ones. We needed this. We needed a healing song. A song that says, it's okay, we've experienced different kinds of love and you're not for -- Thank U, NEXT.

I quit my job Wednesday. I know when I am a great fit company and when a company is a great fit for me. The fact that this came out days later, let's me know, in every capacity it's okay to say "Thank U, Next".

I am working on some awesome blogs and some new exciting things for 2019. Don't worry about your girl cause I have an amazing network, some jobs lined up, great clients and so much more. Let me take a moment to say, I'm thankful for everything I've been learning and everything I have my career, in my love life, in relationships with significant others, friends, family and myself. Thank You. Seriously. Thank You, Next.

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