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9 Goals for 2019 | Philly Blogger | Natty Contrera Artistry

2019. TWENTY NINETEEN. I have turned into one of those people that forget how long ago that 90s were or thinks I graduated high school yesterday but really it was a baj-illion years ago. I turn 30 in May. 30. It's honestly laughable. I feel like I'm forever 25.

Here is my 9 goals for 2019

Save Money and Find a 401k

Don't yell, mom. I know I have not started a 401k consistently yet. I am on it. I will say I am proud of myself. 2018 - Money was at abundance. I was able to save short term a lot and definitely got better at long term saving. Not to mention, my debit is at an all time LOW LOW LOW. Except, well you know, Student Loans. It's fine, I've come to the conclusion that me and Mr. Student Loan are in bed together forever. But bullshit debit, I kicked ass and took names with.

So goal is, more and more long term saving and that long term saving also includes Mr. Fancy 401k.

Work Life Balance


No, seriously. I dive completely into work until I get so burnt out...then I have trouble motivating myself again until I dive so far in. Learning this has been something I've been working on. It gets better with each day. I suggest always setting work hours, do not connect your email to your personal phone, and make lots of to-do lists. Any other tips? Send them my way. Oh yeah, use your sick time if you're sick. It's what it's there for.

Start something New

I need a new adventure or job or project or whatever. OR OR OR. Really, I mean to say AND AND AND. I love to overload myself. If you haven't noticed yet.


We're going to Puerto Rico soon. I travel a lot for work but that does not count. If i am counting it, I need to spend more time exploring while I work travel. I am excited for Puerto Rico and getting away for Bae's 30th birthday. I need somewhere for us to go for my 30th. South America? Central America? Europe? Asia? I've always wanted to go to Cambodia and Laos. I think I am in need to see some pyramids.

Visit my family more.

I live about ten hours away from my mom, dad, sister and brother in law. I live about two hours from my brother. I am anywhere from 2 hours to a plane from my the rest of my family. We are so big that we are kind of all over the globe. No joke, from California, to Lebanon to Japan. My family lives everywhere. I went through a period where my "life" was more important. As I'm getting older, as my cousins are having kids, I want to be more involved. I miss how close we all were. I miss 60 people at my moms house for dinner. I think theres something special about the intensity of our family.

New Hobby

I want to find a new hobby. I want to date a ton of hobbies. I do not want to marry something. I tend to take my passions and make money out of them. I want to find that stress release hobby that I just enjoy,. I wouldn't mind a few of them. No, I don't want to start hiking.

Social Media/Blog Consistency I promised myself in 2019, I would be more consistent with Social Media, my blogs, vlogs and more. I know that its a huge way for my clients to see what I am up to and to further my business. Here's to not being a grandma about technology, sometimes.

Healthy Life

I truly want to give up sugar. I love sour patch watermelon -- so this might be hard. It's insanely addictive and literally in everything. Healthy foods are harder to come by because nothing is clean. I want to explore more working out options. Enjoy cooking at home more again. I feel like with traveling so much cooking at home has escaped me. Healthy life also means going to the doctor, dentist and always wearing sunscreen. Is 30 the time I start getting mammograms? Regardless, I just want to start thinking about overall health in every aspect to live a long life. And stretch, cause lord does my body need it. And, I would be okay if my tummy didn't have a little bit of lower belly. So, yay, for more focus on health.

Create a beautiful new house.

I am so excited to move into a new space, revamp and redecorate. I am excited to start this new chapter with my boyfriend and just a change of views from the house I've been living in the past few years. Philly is forever developing so it's exciting to be apart of it all (to an extent). I hope that one of my future goals is to buy a 'forever' home.

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