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5 Reasons Why I Started Shopping For Peoples Groceries | Instacart | Philly blogger | Natty Contrera

Makeup artist turned grocery shopping hustler. I needed some extra money for travel, in-between gigs and more. I found my way to Instacart, decided to check it out and loved it.

Here's why:

1. Make up to 30/hour Instacart has made so many additional ways to receive money. They have peak hours like most places. This is where they will offer additional money for just picking up batches during those hours. You do get a little bit of cash for your drive time. You, obviously, get paid for grocery shopping or picking up an order AND you get tips. I am averaging about 23/hour right now. I have made as low as 12/hour to as high as thirty. They also offer additional referrals and other bonus type things (I.e. do 20 batches in one week and make an extra $50).

Plus - If an order is canceled, they pay you for your time. If you have to return the order, they will ALSO pay you to return the order. If a store doesn't take the order, you have a chance to do a good deed and donate. Plus, cancel orders = little bit of snacks for yourself.

2. The flexibility I can pick the hours I want to work. They also let me see when they have peak incentives. This means I can work before or after clients. Great way to utilize a couple hours on your days off as well.

3. I don't mind shopping

I actually really love grocery shopping. I love fresh food and produce. A good friend of mine was talking about how she uses Instacart as a way to "speak abundance". She thinks of it as her shopping needs, her swiping the instacart debit card and more. This helps her let money flow in and out of the universe, and in some way, feel like a stress free shopping experience.

Honestly, it feels like the game from the 90s called Supermarket Sweep. (it was the 90s right?). I literally picture myself on that game show, running around, being timed and selecting all the items. Make life fun!

4. The customer service help desk is amazing

That right there is EVERYTHING. They are so quick to help you call a customer, cancel an order, and more. They are super understanding to your time. They are quick to help you navigate sticky situations and allow for many solutions.

5. You can work in multiple locations.

Traveling and want to make extra money? You can get zones added to your list! Your main area has a waitlist? You can usually view the next 'zone' over which is typically just the next 'city'. It gives you tons of areas to work with and make money off of.

If you're interested in trying, want to make extra cash or just really love grocery shopping. Use my referral code: NCONTRERA841AC

I am now looking into Shipt and other types of "shop" for other forms of payments. It's been a fun ride. I think that is what I want 2019 to be all about. Making money and having fun!

Happy New Year



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