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Social Media Has Allowed us To Believe Everyone is Available | Philly Blogger | Philly MUA | Natty C

Social Media has allowed us to believe everyone is available...all the time. I know, I know, I have not blogged in about a month. I will be bringing everyone a new WCW: business Edition at the end of the month at least! But, with that statement, I truly believe Social Media has allowed us to think people are always available to us. I have to sit back every once in a while and take a deep breath. It's always so refreshing. To have a moment off-line.

Here is three ways to give space on social media:

1. Don't use social media to justify time

If you are waiting to hear from someone, don't scroll social media, stalking with a "I just saw they were active 18 minutes ago". Things happen, people have lives and sometimes, we aren't always available for you. Even if you saw someone "active", it does not mean, everything must be answered.

2. If you are a client, customer or consumer: remember business hours.

It's amazing that you have an idea about your wedding, have an issue with the cool, chic t-shirt you bought or wanted to talk about when to book your headshots. However, these are small businesses. These are people. They have lives. They have tons of orders, tons of clients and families. You would not enjoy being contacted after your business hours. Give space. The internet does not have business hours but be mindful no one is trying to answer DMs at 2am.

3. Put your phone down

Simple. You can give space if it's out of sight. Summer is coming. Breathe the warm air, enjoy some ocean waves (if you're close) and eat something tasty. (Like, mangos and vanilla ice-cream).

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