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3 Things I'm Doing to Celebrate Being 30 | Philly Blogger | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera Artistr

Hi Mom, do you feel old yet?

Well, everyone, I made it another year around the sun. Thirty entire years to be exact. It's a pretty cool feeling, I guess. I have felt like I've been 25 and 30 at the same time..forever. All I do know are these three things I am going to make priority in year 3-0. Happy Birthday to me!

(Photos done by @joemaccreative)

1. I am diving deeper into my business, my brand and my clients

By diving deeper, I mean, more concentration. I am not taking every job, every sponsorship, every blog idea and more. I am making sure what I put out speaks me in every way..from each client, each bride, each class I teach, each blog I share, etc. I have a lot of new content coming out as well that I am so excited to share with everyone.

2. I am going to date new hobbies that don't become side hustles

I think that has become my generation ideal dream. You find what you love and you make a business out of it. Well, I am over making money. (Wait, Universe, I am just kidding. Money is at abundance and I will gladly accept all money that comes my way). However, I am over turning everything I love into money. I want to just enjoy hobbies for pleasure.

3. I am spreading more love

To myself - because I deserve it. I am spreading love to myself because I need to nurture myself to be a great partner, a great friend, a great business woman and more.

To others - because there is not enough love in the world. We are going through a weird time right now. It seems like 2019 has allowed us to evolve so much, technology is at our finger tips yet there feels like the hate is only getting louder. We need to spread love to the people who don't have voices for themselves, to anyone who lacks self esteem, to people who are different than us, and more.

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