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Why Selling Retail Is So Essential | Philly Blogger | Natty Contrera | Philly MUA

“I’m an artist, not a sales person.” How many of us have felt this way? All of us at some point or another, I’m sure. Most of us are on the same page when it comes to focusing more on our clients and less on “pushing” our products on them. In this week’s #TuesdayTips, I wanted to talk about why retail is so important, and how to set yourself apart as a true professional from other aspiring pros in the beauty community.

Retail keeps the lights on. It’s as simple as that. Retail increases the revenue running through your business, provides something for your client to take away, gives them a reminder about your services each time they use the products, and it gives them a reason to come back! When your client runs out of product, that’s an excellent opportunity for them to rebook with you. When we not only focus on the services we provide, but also the products that we use, we open up the door for future commissions. We work in the service industry, a little extra money is always welcome.

"I don't want to push products on my clients." I hear you! Trust me. Let’s shift our focus for a moment. While you’re using your products on your clients, simply provide information to them about what you’re using and why. Speak to the benefits of using that specific product, or why they may personally enjoy certain features. This way, you're not pushing. You’re educating, and education leads to empowerment! With your guidance, your client will have the tools necessary to not only make educated purchasing decisions, but they’ll also know how to maintain and care for the fabulous services you provided.

If you do not work in a salon or retail setting, you may be wondering how do you sell retail? There are a few different ways. MLM (multi-level marketing) is an option – think Mary Kay and Avon – but that life is not for everyone. It definitely is not for me. Private label is a great way to sell lipsticks or other beauty essentials to your client if you do not have a studio space.

Pro Tip for Bridal: Include a complimentary emergency kit for your bride, but account for this in your adjusted pricing.

Let's say you don’t have bridal clients, or traditional clients in general. Then what? Social Media! Brands will pay a decent amount of money to “influencers” to make posts about products they’re using and it's a great way to get some freebies to play with. Many brands have affiliate links which provide a kick-back if products are purchased using your link. I loved Verb styling products, so let’s use them as an example. They reached out to me so now I can share their products with my clients and followers. (If you want really affordable, great packaged hair products with 16% off, here is my verb link).

Do you have a pod cast? Sell T-Shirt Merch. Do you make smoothies and meal prep? Sell reusable cups. Where you can take your business is truly limitless if you keep an open mind and you keep giving your clients a reason to come back to you. My last Pro Tip for today: Your clients who purchase retail products from you are basically walking advertisements. Word of mouth advertising is so powerful, and it’s free!

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