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3 Multi Use Makeup Tools | Tuesday Tip | Philly Blogger | Philly MUA

Lately, I feel like Tuesday Tips have been all business. I have so much more when it comes to preparing business, running a business and more in the beauty industry. However, I thought, I'd bring it back to what artistry business is about....artistry. One of my favorite Pro Tips to share is always creating multi-use items to not have an over whelming makeup kit. Here are my top three tricks, with my favorite brands to get the multi-use I need.

1. Lip and Cheek Items.

My current favorites right now are Milk Makeup. Especially in the colors Werk and Perk.

However, most of your favorite gorgeous, long wear, creamy lipsticks will do the trick for this multi use trick.

Swipe on the lips and use your fingers to dab the color on your cheeks for a pretty, flush tone look.

2. Radiance Primers + Foundation

Do you have a full coverage foundation, a tinted moisturizer, a bb cream, a summer shade and a winter shade? Great, throw them all out. Kidding, kind of.

A radiance primer is a great where to change the coverage in your full coverage foundation. I like to add a few drops of a liquid bronzer to warm up the skin when I am going from my 'winter' to my 'summer goddess' stage.

I have four favorite combos:

1. Radiance Primer by Japonesque + Hello Happy by Benefit

2. Radiance Primer by Japonesque + Japonesque Luminous Foundation

3. HydroGrip by Milk Makeup + Hallo Happy by Benefit

4. Radiance Prime + Tient Idole by Lancome (I also tend to mix Tient Idole with Lancome Genefique Serume)

Pro Tip: Put an extra layer of mostrizuer down on skin, while the moisturize is still plump and wet, swipe over the cosmetic blend to create a perfect, no-makeup, makeup, blend.

3. Setting Spray + Shadow

This is a great way to make your shadow into liners. I also really love to use this with powder highlighters to make a more glowy look.

My current favorite setting spray is by Japonesque

Pro tip: No setting spray? Mix primers like 'Smashbox 24 Hour' with shadow to make cream liners.

I hope you enjoyed these. Next week I am going to talk a little bit more about hair. I have been getting a handful of questions about this as well. And, as always, if you have questions feel free to hit me up on Instagram or email.

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