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5 Things You MUST Have in Your PRO kit | Tuesday Tips | Natty Contrera

Besides contracts, this is a questions I get asked most frequently. "What should I buy for my kit?" The choice is yours and yours alone. (Okay, sometimes when I type these things I giggle to myself like I am a karate master. This is one of those times).

(The moment in your career where you use a Karate Kid Gif. This is 30, hah)

But really, I can not build your kit for you. No one can. Everything is trial and error. However, I can give you a guide line of things to start with. These types of things will hopefully help from over buying. Which is easily done in our industry.

1. Foundation Range

Yes, duh. This is a given. How can you do a full face without foundation? However, I want to make this clear. You DO NOT need 40 shades of foundation. You also do not need multiple different "types" of foundation. If you chose a great quality, professional grade band, you should be able to create shades, finishes and coverage.

Let me repeat for those in the back, YOU DO NOT NEED 40+ SHADES OF FOUNDATION. But, what you do need is a shade range that can cover a wide range of skin tones. My best suggest is go with Pro Brands (nothing you'll find in retail stores). They usually have shade adjusters and foundations in palettes.

What is currently in my kit:

RCMA X KJB Palette: I love this because it has my primary colors, black and white to create my own shades.

Face Ateliers Shade Adjusters. I use these when I am being lazy, honestly. It is perfect for when a foundation needs to be a smidge little or darker.

I used to carry Mehron Pro in my kit for years. Definitely a great recommendation. Please note, that these are my concealers, my tinted moisturizers, my full coverage foundation, contour and highlight all in one palette. Learn your tools and learn them well.

2. Basic colors for liners

This is for eye and lip. Grab your every day colors everyone always uses. I know that metallic gold liner seems amazing....but too many liners means too much for your pocket. You'd be surprised how little you'll use half these things.

Grab colors for eyes: Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Nude, Purple

Grab colors for lips: Blue Tone Red, Pink, Nude, Clear and Mauve ( I also like doing a really dark nude/more caramel lip liner as well)

Pro Tip: Shadows can become liners.

3. Only Buy Two Primers

Yes, I am talking crazy talk. Just how you do not need 900 shades of foundation, you also don't need 900 primers. Color correcting, layering techniques, concealing and more will do the work of what other primers claim to do. Also, here is a crazy thing, I don't prime every one of my clients.

Buy one matte primer and one hydrating/radiance primer.

I love both the Japonesque primers for this.

4. Skincare

Remember how I said I don't prime all of my clients? This is why. Skin care is essential for doing makeup. It is the priming of the canvas. Do not worry about carrying expensive, luxury skincare. Basics will help get your clients in the right place. All you need is essentials and a makeup remover.

I carry a hydrating serum, toner, moisturizer, eye cream and makeup remover.

5. Sanitation tools

This is as important as your skincare and even more important than your makeup. What good is a kit if its dirty? Sanitation tools should include 70 proof alcohol, brush cleaner, and disposables. I also like to keep a roll of paper towel on me, a plastic bag I use as a trash bag and a mixing well to put products on. And as always, get yourself hand sanitizer.

Why 70 proof alcohol? It sanitizes the area without evaporating too quickly.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of all this information. The questions keep coming in! I want to take a moment to say, Thank You. I appreciate every person that has asked a question, shared the blog and more. Plus, with all these questions, I can keep these blogs coming. Until next Tuesday, babes.

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