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6 Must Have Hair Essentials For Up Dos

For so many years, my primary focus has been makeup. So much so that I sometimes actually forget that I do hair too. And I love doing it! Within the beauty industry, there’s a common belief that you cannot be a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades.” I call bullshit. You can specialize in one thing, or broaden your focus to uncover unlimited potential. Although I primarily do light styling, touchups, and some bridal, I still have hair essentials that I always keep in my kit!

1. Heat Protectant

This should be a given. Heat protectant is essential to maintaining the health of the hair. Heat protectants can either come in the form of a spray or a cream, but both will help to reduce breakage and splitting. These products usually feature ingredients that promote hydration and can help protect against heat damage typically up to 450 degrees. Please do not use hair sprays prior to putting heat to the hair as this can lead to breakage also.

I love: Dry Bar Hot Toddy Spray (Also available in a cream)

2. Finishing Spray

This is where you lock it all in place. Think old school, sitting at your mama’s vanity type of hair spray. Once you’ve done all the twists and turns and now it’s time to get the bride from “vows to venue.”

I still use Paul Mitchell. Seriously. I’ve never found a better finishing spray that keeps everything locked in without feeling stiff. Sometimes I’ll venture out and try out some of the newer sprays from Paul Mitchell, currently trying out the Neuro line, but Stay Strong is my go-to staple.

3. Texture Spray

Whether you’re doing a bridal up-do, romantic waves, or a classic half-up/half-down look, texture spray can be your best friend. This is especially true for those clients who say their hair won’t hold a curl. Texturizing spray gives the hair some grit for lots of volume with minimal effort.

Currently loving: Triple Sec by Dry Bar or Amika Un.Done

(for myself, when I am air drying, I use Verb Sea Salt Spray)

4. Shine Spray/ Finishing Oil

If you’ve got a client with thick, coarse, or naturally curly hair, shine sprays can turn lack-luster locks into healthy looking hair. Oils can be too heavy if you’re creating an updo style, so you may want to lean towards a spray in those cases. Shine sprays on their own tend to be overlooked because people opt for more all-in-one products, but I always find that I need more shine than those products offer me.

Currently using: Dry Bar and R+Co

5. Dry Shampoo

When doing an updo, there’s a happy medium between clean and dirty that tends to make the best hair for styling. Think that perfect 2nd day hair. Plus, with all the chaos a wedding brings, you may need a little more OOMPH than usual to avoid your client’s hair falling flat halfway through the festivities.

My favorite for clear dry shampoo, with no residue, that gets out all the grit and oil with some added volume is ColorProof.

6. The real essentials: Bobbi pins and teasing combs!

I buy a pack of 700 Bobbi pins at beauty supply stores like Salon Centric. I have two teasing combs that I love equally; one from Paul Mitchell and the Texas Tease from Dry Bar!

Other items I always keep on hand: hair ties, pin curl clips, other combs/brushes and some rollers.

There are so many GOOD brands out there. Unlike makeup, I think I switch out my hair products a LITTLE bit more but I also feel like they stay the same. (I find this funny because most people are incredibly loyal to hair products over makeup). I have used a lot of brands, some stay and some go. Everything mentioned today are my current kit favorites. I don't usually speak on a brand as a whole,rather I speak on techniques or 'essentials.’ You will always need a dry shampoo. Whether it’s Brand A or Brand B that works for you, it does not matter. What matters is that you have the basic essentials to be successful.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my hair favorites. Even if you don’t do hair as a professional, these tips can still be useful for anyone that needs a little touchup!

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