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Pro Cards | How To Get Them And Why You Need Them | Tuesday Tips | Natty Contrera Artistry | Philly

And just like that, we’re back! Where has the summer gone? Seriously, the weeks have been flying by. Someone stop it! Spring and summer are definitely my favorite seasons. Give me the beach and sand. Okay, back to business, right? You don't read my blogs to hear me wish summer forever.

Today, I want to talk all about Pro Cards. From what they are, to where to get them, and why they’re so important.

First, let's talk about the What:

Pro Cards are professional discounts given to licensed cosmetologists or makeup artists to promote the use of specific makeup brands. Before there were influencers, this was how a brand could promote themselves without the high costs of advertising. Brands knew that if they gave a discount, you’d be more likely to use their products in your kit. Word of mouth travels quickly. The idea is ifbyou were to work bridal or runway for example, photos or video would be taken, and somewhere down the line someone would buy that brand BECAUSE OF YOU. At least, that’s what the brands are banking on.


Most of your professional grade brands (consumer focused on professional use only) have pro cards/pro options on their websites. They usually take a few weeks to verify. You can receive anywhere from 10%-60% off, with the average discount being about 30%. Some brands even offer pro-exclusive items like pre-depotted lip palettes or foundation palettes.


Simple. Don't you want to build your kit for less? It makes it easier for you to save money and provide your clients with high end products they need, all while you’re supporting the brands that support you. Also, because they end up being so cheap, it’s a really great way to gift your brides with lipsticks they can use to touch up after you leave. Subtle touches like this will set you apart and increase your chances of repeat clients.


Go to the brand’s website, see if they have a discount program for industry professionals, and fill out any requested information. If you’re unable to easily locate the information on the company site, try a simple Google search with key words like “pro makeup discount.”

It helps to have your license number, website, business card and/or call sheet. Most of the brands will require one or all of these to be accepted into their discount program. Some brands may charge anannual renewal fee, and most brands have specific rules and restrictions to join/stay on the program, so be sure to pay close attention to their guidelines.

Pretty easy, right?

When I first started, I thought I needed every Pro Card possible. Be careful with that, especially if they charge a fee. If you won’t be using them regularly, it may be a waste of money in the long run. I only have a handful that I continuously use, and a bunch that I’ve only used a handful of times, if at all.

I currently have Mac, Makeup Forever, Camera Ready Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and a few others. The one I use most consistently is Camera Ready Cosmetics. They’ve got a quick turn-around time on products, and a ton of professional options. Not to mention amazing customer service.

If you’re a licensed cosmetologist, don’t forget about hair! It’s not only makeup brands that offer this, most hair brands will use distributors that you can get some pretty great discounts from too. For hair, I currently have discounts with Cosmo Prof and Salon Centric, but there are a ton of smaller retailers that offer these discounts also.

Lastly, especially if you are just starting out, working directly for a brand or at a retail counter (such as Sephora or Nordstrom) will also get you a discount and gratis to stock your kit.

Next week will be here before we know it. I promise. As always, if you have any questions or a topic you’d like me to write about, feel free to send it to me! I gotchu' girl.

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