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How To Slide Into DMs | Networking Online | Philly MUA | Philly Blogger | Tuesday Tips | MUA

You are right. I did skip last week! I needed to let everyone catch up. Honestly, I was a little bit busy but I rather pretend it was everyone trying to catch up on all these Tuesday Tip Blogs.

(TBH, I think I am going to keep them short and sweet for a while after this one. I don't want to get burnt out on them and I do not want you to either. Looking to create some additional simple blog content about other things as well.)

Easy, straight to the point for the win.

Okay, I am definitely laughing at my cheesy title. But, seriously, there is an art to sliding into DMs (in many different scenarios of life). For the sake of this blog, we will be talking about how to Direct Message ideal clients or potential co-work partners.

I'll make it so simple with do's and don'ts.


Engage, follow, like and comment

People want to know you're not just trying to follow to unfollow. They want to see that you're a real person with intentions. Not someone who's going to reply with a heart eye emoji to every photo.


Follow and then unfollow. (Simple enough, I just explain up there that no one likes that).

It's annoying, you don't network this way. It's like showing up to a dinner party, eating and then leaving your dish at the table. (And if you did not know, always pick up your plate. It's polite).


Send a message about something you've seen on their profile or website to start to engage. Let the conversation grow organically, even for a while, before talking money or collaborations.


Send a spam email that shows you have not seeked interest in their page.

See below:

Now, this sounds like a great message, doesn't it?

However, this girl did not follow me, did not like or comment on anything.

This is our first message and even though it feels genuine -- it isn't.

Let's break down why it is not genuine and how I figured this out:

1. First, the timing. 2:21 am is no time for networking, chatting business or DM'ing.

2:21 am is for booty calls, point blank. Don't fool yourselves.

2. The first thing she says is "your work is great! where are you based?"

It's clear as day that I am based in Philadelphia. It shows all over my profile. But, fine, carry on.

3. She immediately wants me to check out some company she is a "rep" for. Instant cold call. If she was on the phone, I would have already hung up.

4. She also notes AGAIN, she has looked at my work.

5. She notes about being a stylist and what would be great for 'your salon'.

If you did take a note to look around my page you'd know that I am A) not a salon owner, B) not behind the chair -- aka, I freelance and C) I RARELY do hair anyone. Especially, if it isn't updo or styling for a shoot.

She didn't view my work, she did not want to engage and was hoping, somehow, at 2:21 AM, she got me to purchase something quick to make her commission. Wrong, sis.

So, it's pretty simple. Put out great quality content. Interact with people that have great quality content. Build your tribe and your wallet will follow. If you constantly look for the next dollar, you will forever be chasing a dollar. See you for the next Tuesday Tips!

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