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I use $2 Lip Gloss In My Kit | Natty Contrera | Philly MUA | Tuesday Tip

Yep, I use Elf Cosmetics Gloss in my kit. It really is that simple, guys.

The end. I told you that these posts would be short and sweet now.

Just kidding, I'll give a little more content. Well, it all started when I first decided to get into doing makeup. I packed EVERYTHING. I mean, everything. If it came in red than I wanted it in lipstick, lip gloss, lip stain, matte lip, pencil, crayon and more. But, ya girl went broke. Seriously.

I had to, throughout the years, stream line my kit. My back is achin' in this old age of 30 and quite frankly, so is this wallet. I had to look through what would stand the test of time, what was worth getting rid of and what was worth spending the money on.

Let me tell you, glosses were not it. I have Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lip Palette and The Inglot Cream Lipstick Palette in my kit. Between these two, I can mix away to high fucking heaven on the amount of colors for a client. So, now, all I carry extra is an Elf Lip Gloss in Clear.

This two dollar bad boy makes any matte lipstick creation to a shiny goddess. It also is perfect if all I want to do is shade with a lip pencil. (Which by the way, you'd be surprised how VERY little Lip and Eyeliner pencils I carry in my kit -- but that my friend, is for another day).

I hope that easy tip was great and inspiring for you. Now, go on, head to target (or cvs, or elf wherever and get yourself a $2 dollar bad boy gloss).

See you next Tuesday

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