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Tuesday Tip: The Burn Out Edition | What To Do In A High Energy Industry When You're Feeling Bur

Welcome back to Tuesday Tips, everyone.

(I felt like the Gif was perfect ::Shrugs shoulders::)

I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to start this blog because the feeling is so, so real. Pretty sure that I will end up doing a blog about this again or a video update. This happens to me often so I am just going to dive right in.

You will get burnt out. You will have moments, where you are leaving a gig, crying on your drive, upset with your work and frustrated with your workload. This is a high energy industry, no matter what side of it you are in, that will burn out the most extroverted person at some point. We have to be ON 24/7. Especially with social media expectations.

But, say no more to that. Seriously, say no.

It is okay to feel burnt out or, even, uninspired.

I wanted to do a 'top five ways to not get burnt out' blog, and maybe I will -- eventually. But, my tip today, is simple. My tip is: it's okay to feel burnt out. It is okay to take a break (this industry is so many weekends, so many hours more than 9-5 and so many times of being "available").

Every thing is temporary. Even our lives. So, we must do what we can, with the time we have, to make the most out of life.Take a step back, enjoy some moments, take a deep breath and come back to your craft with the best intentions. We are in an amazing industry that is ever evolving.

Check back on the blog, always on Tuesdays, for more Industry based tips ranging from contracts to personal business help and more.

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