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2020 recap | The yearly recap blog | philly blogger | Philly mua

::Do not say anything about covid or the election::

::Do not say anything about covid or the election::

::Do not say anything about covid or the election::

Wow, 2020, amirite? I feel like it was all covid and the election. Damn, I said I wouldn't. Honestly, 2020 was way more than the election and covid. For me, it was all about "do my mission and values align with those around me?" Am I fighting for the right things and how do I make a bigger impact? The word for 2020 was impact.

It was the first time, in almost ten years, I didn't know if the beauty industry was a place for me. I know what you're thinking. "HI, IM ON A MAKEUP ARTISTS BLOG, how are you going to tell me, you weren't sure if this was the industry for you?" It took me some time to wrap my head around this one, too.

I realized the beauty industry taught me so many things and helped strengthen my skills. This year I focused on education in a different way. I used my platform to create business education, marketing advice, pushed my morals and political opinions, and focused on creating PR relationships with small businesses -- in and outside the beauty industry. I am currently working with a coffee company and a small boutique. I also have a secret project I am the business consultant on. I still constantly push education, marketing, and business advice into the beauty industry. Oh, yeah and I still have my clients and photoshoots when able to do it safely. BUSYY BEE OVER HERE.

I realized I'm pretty good at consulting and creating a brand. I understand business strategy and how to achieve goals. With that being said, I am not, in any way shape, or form, going anywhere. Beauty is in my heart and soul. It's in my blood. But, I do love exploring these new adventures that make me a better business owner, just as much, as helping other businesses. I like to see what impact I can create in others.

At the beginning of quarantine, I took a ton of classes and even a six-week mentorship to prep myself for my business. 2020 was the reminder that I am resilient and a survivor. That I can make money during a global pandemic, and if I can make money now, I can make money anyway. This taught me how to be impactful.

But, it isn't always about the cash flow. This year has forced my Gemini social butterfly self to spend a lot more time alone, a lot more time indoors, and a lot more time with a smaller friend group. It made me realize that those relationships worth holding on to sustained themselves very well. I let go of a lot of things and people that didn't serve me this year. I wanted to conserve energy to positively impact those I felt that impacted me in a positive way.

Here is my recap: Stayed healthy

Stayed dedicated

Stayed loyal

Stayed driven

Stayed active (personally, physically, emotionally, and more)

Continued to impact.

check back next week for my 2021 goals

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