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Top 10 Things To Learn For Non-English Speaking Clients | Business MUA | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera

I had a wedding client in the summer that has an amazing Grandma. She was an ingenious women from Mexico City. I looked around at her diverse wedding of Jewish, Mexican, American and more and realized this is so beautiful. I have a lot of diverse clients. All of my clients speak English but then on wedding days with their entire family; not all of them are English speaking. Language is how we communicate and how we set ourselves apart. I love learning new cultures and helping people experience a more comfortable day.

In order to do that, I learn about 10 phrases in the languages that my client speaks.

Thankfully, I have always known the basics for Spanish and Arabic. But, it dose come in handy to refresh constantly. I made a list 10 phrases that will be beneficial to translate in any language.

But, real quick, did you know 1 out of every 5 people living in the US speak another language other than English? And there are 41 million people in the United States where Spanish is their first language.

With so many dialects and languages, its hard to keep up, but trying shows so much compassions. No one expects you to be perfect at a language you do not normal speak. They appreciate it that you have tried to make them comfortable; especially while they try to learn a new language as well.

1. Hello/Good Bye 1. Hola/ Adios, Chao!

2. How Are You? 2. Como Estas?

3. I'm doing good. 3. Estoy Bien.

4. Do you like it? (Eyeshadow/hair/makeup etc) 4. Te gusto/a

5. You look beautiful. 5. Estas Bella/ Linda/ Precioso

6.. Apologizes (I'm sorry) 6. Lo Siento

7. Please and Thank You 7. Por Favor y Gracias

8. Pleasure to meet you 8. Mucho Gusto/a

9. Whats your name? My Name is ____ 9. Como Te Llamas? Me llamo/a

10. Can you get (her/persons name) attention?

10. Puedes Llamar Su Atención

These phrases will help you for someone that does not speak any or little English. Knowing how to say them in certain languages will make your client feel appreciated, will help the day go smoother and will be able to get the attention of whoever is translating easier.

Other phrases to research that could be helpful are quick demands. It would be things like "please, look up", "close your eyes", "please, open your eyes" and "do you have allergies?".

I hope this was all helpful. It definitely can be overwhelming. And once again, no one ever expects perfect. Everyone appreciates the effort.

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