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Am I Oily? | Skin Care | Philly Blogger | Philly MUA | Natty Contrera

In the world of google, WebMD and unlimited amounts of internet bullshit, I have a lot of 'self diagnosing' clients. The number one thing that everyone thinks they are --- is oily.

Here is my favorite way to tell if you're oily or not.

1. How quickly do you see oily after you wash your face?

A. Within minutes

B. Within a few hours

C. By the end of the day

2. How does your face feel after you wash it?

A. Dry, Tight, Squeaky Clean.

B. Dry and Tight, Producing Oily quickly

C. No complaints, Sometimes I have to double cleanse

3. How often do you break out?

A. Not often enough to know exactly when, where or how often. More Redness than Breakouts.

B. Once or twice, normally around that-time-of-a-month, usually around my chin

C. I break out on my cheeks, back, t zone, girl -- anywhere.

4. Where do you get oily?

A. Oily in the summer, dry in the winter

B. Oily in my T-Zone

C. T- Zone, all my forehead, cheeks, chin - I'm as shiny as the sun.

I didn't ask if you think your pores are large (due to Instagram and photoshop pictures -- everyone is misinformed and assuming their pores are on the larger scale). Yes, you can see your pores. But, are they really that large?

Mostly As? You are dry. Your skin is over producing oil to compensate for you treating it like the Sahara Dessert. Stop using everything oil free, stop with the gel cleansers and get some hydration in. Oil is your friend.

Mostly Bs? There is still a good chance your skin is over producing oil. You also may be experiencing hormonal acne. Also, make sure to completely take off your makeup and THAN cleanse your skin. Hydrate properly. Using a balance toner and proper hydration will help your skin go back to a more "normal" state.

Mostly Cs? You're oily! Congrats. Oily = more hydration. This means less wrinkles (even though often it means more acne). Use a great toner, BHA and AHA. Don't strip your skin until your dry and tight. Make sure that everything feels balanced. Your skin should feel like a plump cloud.

**Quick takeaways: Most oils won't make you more oily, don't use coconut oil on your face, most oils are not the reason you are breaking out, wash your face with a cleanser that keeps you bright but NOT tight.

(image from wix)

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