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Inventory Check List | Downloadable | Philly MUA | Makeup Artist | Natty Contrera | In Your Kit

Warning: This is not my full inventory check list (as you will quickly be able to see).

However, after every gig, I re-stock. I use this quick one (that I created) before and after each gig. I am a little nuts and will forget, so I always do it twice. I stock the MUST haves and then I go back to my bigger inventory list, with my notes, to make sure I am completely stocked. This makes my life so easy --- and makes sure my all-over-the-place self doesn't forget shit.

Feel free to print for yourselves!

Below I break down why these are my "after every gig" check list.

1. Mascara It is only good for three months. Those babies go fast. Especially when you have multiple events or bridal parties in one weekend. With mascara I find it easy to not know if you are almost out, unless you physically swipe and check.

2. 70 Proof Alcohol and Brush Cleaner

My biggest "day of" fears are running out of something or forgetting foundations. I use travel size bottles, for cost efficiency and space efficiency, so I fill up after each gig that way I never run out. I buy large bottles of brush cleaner (Cinema Secrets) and 70 Proof Alcohol.

3. Eyeliners. - Black, brown and nude Going back to my fear of running out, I use pencils that need to be sharpened and sanitized often, because of this I run out of liners quickly. Since most looks use the following (black, brown and/or nude), I constantly make sure that I have those available before each gig. I hold on to a replacement when we are half way done. My favorite liners are Ben Nye, Inglot and Japonesque. Current guilty pleasure, the Sephora Collection waterproof eyeliners are pretty bomb.

4. Clear Gloss.

Y'all know I love the two dollar ELF gloss. Since the ELF clear gloss is the only gloss I carry in my kit, I have to make sure that I always have enough. Thank god for it being $2 and easily accessible that it always stays in the kit, ready and stocked to go. (I have used other glosses in my kit for special requests or for specific looks but honestly, all I ever need is my lip kit palette and this clear gloss for 99% of my looks).

5. Makeup Remover

It happens. More often than I'd like to admit. A client comes in full face to get their makeup done. I am so glad I always have makeup remover on me, especially, if I have a mess up. I use a micellar water to cleanse the skin and remove makeup before I work on my clients. I put this bottle as well, usually, in a travel size container. All about the space, 'bout that space, NO CLUTTER.

6. Hand Sanitizer

'Cause DUH. This shit is a need. And once again, if you couldn't predict the future, I put this in a travel size bottle. I make sure that it is always filled before any gig. However, if I run out, I feel really confident in spraying my hands in alcohol for sanitation. But, that has yet to happen.

7. Disposables

This should also be noted as implements (I.e. tweezers, scissors, brow shapers and more). Nothing is worse than doing an entire bridal party and only having 8 disposable mascara wands.Maybe it's just me, but an overly packed disposable section, helps me feel like I can accomplish any job put in front of me, no matter the changes. This also makes a well presentation and makes you look well equipped.

If you loved checklists like this, I can make one for an entire inventory kit breakdown and for how I shop to fill my kit. The possibilities can be endless. I am really loving shifting my blog a little more to the business end and how to help my co-creatives. Feel free to email me suggestions, comments, concerns. Take your negativity somewhere else, though. 'Cause no bitch cares (especially this one).

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