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About Me 4.0 | Website Update | Philly MUA | Philly Blogger | Natty Contrera

I can not believe how long I've had this blog but in honor of updating my website I felt like an about me 4.0 was in need. This time I am not going to talk about my love for tacos, being a fur mom or any other things that seem more surfaced level.

1. I am a hair and makeup artist who loves skin care and went to school for film and media arts. I found myself helping out on short films doing makeup. In high school, I was the friend that was cutting my own hair and doing hair color from Sallys on the weekend with friends. (I also took Radio and TV courses in High School). Now that I see this journey, it is so fitting that Film, Fashion and Makeup all came together for me. If you ask my mama, she would of told you she thought I was going to be a lawyer with how argumentative I was.....sorry, mom.

2. I have a very big business sense about me. As creative of a brain as I am, I love focusing on building business and logistic ends to most things. It helps me enjoy things like event planning, running selling events and more. It helps me build my business, protect my business and network with others. Thanks, Dad. (He used to make me write business plans in order to get things like my first car and my first cell phone.)

3. My dream keeps changing. Five years ago, I thought I wanted to be a global artistry director, two years ago I wanted to launch my own products and last year I wanted to do nothing but education in the beauty industry (for pros and consumers). Now, I feel like I have a mix of all three including some other goals. But, whatever those goals are, I want them to celebrate diversity, share education and empower women.

4. Life at 30 is...weird.

I am almost 31. So now, I am no longer a 20-something but a 30-something. I felt like I knew life better in my 20s, except now I am realizing, I knew nothing about life at all. My life is so different (and I want it to be so different) from my twenties that I'm overwhelmed with changes (and I am being a little impatient about them). Thankful for therapy and the rollercoaster world of life.

Thanks for hanging out and reading for so long. What a journey!

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