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Burnt out on coming up with content? | Social media | philly blogger

I know that it probably has been harder for content and originality during covid-19 pandemic. I am sure some of you, like me, have this moment often. I am not one for #challenges and "doing it for the gram". I felt like those accounts, all though often go viral, become irrelevant and part of the past. The way I move is a little different because social media to me is social and a business move.

So, if you're like me and you want social media to be an extension of your business with some fun moments and not a viral meme, I hear you.

This is my reminder that if you're burnt out coming up with content that it's:

  • it’s normal

  • I do often (even before the pandemic)

  • it's okay to take a breath and a break

  • Do other things

  • Inspire yourself differently

  • Content can be so many things

The best content out there is the one's that think outside the box. Remember all those challenges become white noise after awhile, cookie cutter quotes and fonts become just another "Basic Becky." You were always meant to be different. Don't be discourage by the storm. See you on another Social Media Wednesday Post.

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