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four products for a full face | makeup Mondays

Hi Everyone!

I am sure you have a full makeup drawer right now. We all do. Our makeup in the last few months has been used for selfies in our bedrooms and a lot less running around the town. If you're like me lately, you want to learn how to use up all your things before buying new ones.

Doesn't matter if you are downsizing, to go on vacation again, packing lightly, or just wanting to throw out expired makeup -- here are four products to make a full face:

Tinted Moisturizer

Simple and easy. This will help color correct, protect, primer, and provide light coverage on your face. I have a few favorites. Currently loving Lancome - Skin Feels Good.

Lip and Cheek Tint

A great multi-tool to be used on the cheeks for blush, lips for color, and also on the eyes (for most) for a wearable soft shade. I love using the Milk Makeup brand.


For your eyes, duh! I love the thickness, volume, and length. Currently using Superhero by It Cosmetics.

Brown Liner

This is a great way to define your lashes, use as a bottom liner, and also create a shadow if needed.

Mini pro tip: if you get a liner that is the shading of your brows; you can use it there too!

Quick, fast, and easy four products to a full, polished face!

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