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four ways to use a setting spray | benefit cosmetics | philly blogger

I have not done a makeup blog in a minuteeeee! Welcome to 2021, everyone.

I was gifted the new Benefit Cosmetic setting spray last week. Questions in my DMs were like "what makes it different?" or "do I even need a setting spray?" My answer is yes to the second one.

I am a fan of setting sprays because they are secret multi-use tools. The Benefit one has an extremely fine mist. I love that it doesn't make me extra glowy but it doesn't make me matte either. Beautiful, honestly.

But, here are four ways I use a setting spray.

  1. To set my look Lol, duh, I know. We all know. But, it is ONE of the ways I use it. If you have been living under a rock or too new to makeup, setting sprays act as an alternative to powder (or work with powder) to give your makeup an all-day lasting effect.

  2. Eyeliner from Eyeshadow Have you ever wanted to define your eyes but nothing as bold as a liquid liner? Shadow! If you dip your favorite liner shadow brush into your favorite color, gentle spray with the setting spray. Woo! It has a consistency that will last all day but softer than your typical eyeliner.

  3. Amp'd Up Highlighters Do you know that creamy, glowy highlight look? Yes, the one that shines from the stars? Dip your favorite highlighter/blush brush into that gorgeous powder highlighter, spray from a distance with the setting spray, and boom! glow, honeyyy.

  4. A refresher These masks make even the toughest makeup look dull after a few hours. Use your setting spray to freshen up and soften your look that has worn down through the last few hours.

Pro Bonus tip: I love to use setting sprays when I want to take a shimmer shade and make them more of a foiled/wet look. It's all about the dew, boo.

Maybe 2021 will be the year I do simple, easy makeup blogs again. As always, feel free to sign up for my newsletters on the contact page, e-mail me or follow me on your favorite social platform.

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