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Halloween makeup trends that don't end up in culture appropriation

This is a must-do blog. Halloween (canceled or not) will be here before we know it.

I am sure many of you want to know if your fun costume could be offensive. Ask yourself, "Am I celebrating someone today, or am I using a costume of spiritual culture, religion, or race to eat some damn candy?"

Nine times out of ten -- Halloween isn't the time to partake in dressing up like a cultural experience. For instance, I wouldn't dress up as a belly dancer unless I was taking belly dancing lessons. But, on Halloween, I could dress up as Jasmine. Jasmine is a fictional character from the Disney movie Aladdin. Jasmine is a princess of a made-up country and her religion is never discussed. (Also, I hope everyone knows that Agrahbah is not a real place).

Is your costume apart of someone's everyday life? If it is, that is not a costume.


Do not do blackface -- in any way.

Do not color your face white to represent a Geisha.

Do not use spiritual or religious practices in your costumes.

Do not use cultural accessories as a costume.


Do Disney Characters that are fictional.

Do Zombies and Vampires.

Do deer, cat, or other animals.

Do current films and glamorized skeletons.

Do unicorns and fairies.

Use glitter and gems and latex.

I know it's the beginning of October but have a safe Halloween! Please wear a mask so we can end the pandemic of Covid-19. Check your candy and talk to your kids about racial injustice.

Happy Halloween.

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