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How I'm Surviving Quarantine | Natty Contrera | Philly Blogger

How is everyone doing? I am sure you are, just like me, overwhelmed with good information, bad information and everything in between. This post isn't about opinions of how this was handled, just how I am surviving in hopes it will help someone else. I hope you are safe in your home. If you are essential, thank you, you deserve a raise!

Here is the basic ways to survive: Forgive yourself for not wanting to always be motivated. Forgive yourself if you've fallen into depression. Forgive yourself if you are not always using the best coping mechanisms right now. But, each day is new.

Yes, we have walks. Yes, some of us, have dogs. You can do virtual zoom calls, museum tours, classes and more. I am not going to make this another post about all the virtual games and apps to play with friends or the movies on Netflix.

1. A schedule

I have been maintaining one (to a degree). I maintain this schedule Monday to Thursday. I allow myself more flexibility Friday-Sunday. One of those things on our schedule is I take my dog for an hour long walk at 9:30am. (Friday to Sunday we go much later). I have time for work outs and schedule things like virtual happy hours. I schedule when I will clean the bathroom and when I have "office hours".

2. Plan Ahead

I plan out things I want to do for the week or the next day. I give them set days to do them. It's nice to look at my planner and see 'things filled'. Some days are "Clean the bathroom, write a blog and virtual girls night at 7" and some days are "call unemployment, do mentorship homework and more". **yes, during this time I decided to sign up for a beauty professional mentorship program that meets weekly. We have weekly homework, access to someone who's doing amazing things in the industry and more. It was worth the pretty penny.

3. Therapy

I meet bi-weekly with my therapist through Zoom. For me, this is my biggest stability. Therapy can be expensive but now, more than ever, there is so many different ways to get therapy. Virtual therapy allows for sliding scale and free services. They have text therapists, group therapy and more. Keep researching, there is an option.

If you are suffering from addiction, virtual meetings are readily available. I have many loved ones who are in recovery and I am so proud of them during this incredibly tough time. If this is you, please feel free to email me, and I can send you any information towards how to find virtual meetings and virtual sponsors.

4. Out Of The Box Ideas

We took a drive a few weeks ago to just enjoy the city and found a Sonic. We grabbed milkshakes and fries. My boyfriend had never had Sonic before -- SAY WHAATTT?! That was our date night. But, it was so fun to be driving, listening to music in the car, chatting -- It was like being 16 all over again. I know we all want to be "home improvement queens" or "fitness gurus" right now. And, those are great too, but it's okay to find ways to just enjoy life.

I did a YouTube hiphop video from Pop Sugar. I laughed so hard at myself (and sweat so much) that now, I am having a 'work out' date with a friend via Zoom and screen share to experience it with me.

Our next date night, we are making scallops and dressing fancy. I mean, doing my makeup (which I have been doing like 2-3x a week), wearing heels type of fancy. I am going to light candles and play classical music. One of our date nights, was finally seasoning and cooking on our Wok. You can still find those moments to totally indulge in your significant other (or friend, or family member or yourself).

Breathe, forgive yourself and love yourself. If you are in a funk, the best advice I can give you is do one thing. One thing a day. Then it'll be two things, then three, then four.

Yes, we all want a website and a blog and a guide and passive income etc. It will happen. One day at a time.

Good Luck and Stay Healthy friends!

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