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I want CHANGE for the beauty industry | pro tip Tuesday | Inclusivity

Welcome back, everyone! I know it has been a minute. I have so many random things going on and being consistent with my own brand has been the hardest. If you don't know, I launched a Twitch.TV. You can join me on Tuesdays at 7pm EST.

Now for the blog stuff: I know this isn't a normal "pro-tip" but I do feel like this is extremely beneficial for our times. With cancel culture being very real and brands being forced to look at their problematic ways, I thought why not, create some solutions to these ever-growing problems.

I have decided to list below some of the changes I WISH to see in the Beauty Industry. Please note that there are so many other things that are JUST as important if not more. As always, feel free to be yourself in my inbox to discuss your thoughts and opinions. I am a brave space and open to uncomfortable conversations. We all have the chance to grow.

Number One: Verbiage

We understand words hurt. I think we can all agree that the old saying "sticks and stones" is irrelevant. Words can be incredibly problematic and damaging. Mainstream media and the Beauty/Fashion industry go hand in hand with how they contribute to society. Problematic or outdated verbiage leaves consumers assuming what is okay to say. If we change the verbiage in the industry we lead with a more inclusive and safer place for clients and ourselves.

Number Two: Hiring

I am so impressed by the Pull Up For Change Instagram. The social media account got huge corporations to show up with numbers they were embarrassed by. As they should be! We live in a multi-cultural country and with internet/remote positions on the rise, a multi-cultural world. We have the opportunity for all walks of life to not only be apart of the conversation but LEAD the conversation. We should be able to see beauty represented in all of us.

Number Three: Products

Clap your hands for all the brands that launched 40-100 liquid foundation shades in the past three years. What about blush, bronzers, brows, powders and more? As impressive as it is to see cosmetic brands of every price point launch a better foundation range, I'd love to see more diversity in blushes, "nude" lipsticks, and more. We can constantly grow and do better. There is no magic number with foundation shades.

Number Four: Confidence

"Can you do my skin tone?" I have been asked this so many times. I know others who have heard this or have also been asked. I want to change the confidence in the way consumers or models view the beauty industry. We have failed them. Maybe not you personally, but as a collective industry, we have failed darker skin tones. We fail them by showing up ill-prepared due to a lack of education or a lack of products. Let's start by humbling ourselves. Let's take more education, focus on getting the right products, working with color correction, and more. I hope one day the "Can you do makeup on my skin tone" is a conversation of the past.

I know there are so many more things. Sometimes the beauty industry does not seem beautiful at all. I know we can make it a beautiful and brave space. One makeup client at a time.

Can't wait to chat on twitch and have you check out more blogs!

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