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ITS ok not to post | SOCIAL MEdIA | PHILLY BLOGGER | PHilly Makeup artist | Tuesday tip

Hey beauty pros:

It’s ok not to post!

  • If you’re busy

  • If you’re mental health needs break

  • If you want to enjoy life in IRL

  • If you feel like you have a lot scheduled (on your plate and already for social media)

  • If you want to be more private about somethings

  • It’s okay to just not post.

  • It’s VERY okay to not let the world know “you’re taking a break” (We don't always need to announce but thats okay, too.)

Social media is an amazing business tool. It’s an amazing social connector. But -- real life still happens and business still happens IRL. (*in real life). Don’t let any “marketing guru” tell you otherwise.

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