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MASK-CNE | How To CLEAR Up acne from wearing a mask

A pandemic, racial issues, a terrible election, four years of Trump bullshit, global political unrest, human trafficking, child pornography cases, and NOW you have acne from wearing a mask? As if the world couldn't get any crazier for 2020.

I feel like I need to knock on wood before something else happens. ::knocks on something that isn't wood::

Below you will find a checklist for keeping bacteria at bay.

  • Wash your mask. Daily.

  • Keep toner spray or pads with you. (Removes excess oil and dirt)

  • Do not use a scrub on acne or inflamed breakouts.

  • Find a good BHA (Put it in your toner or serum)

  • Wash your face with a non-stripping cleanser. Don't want to overproduce oil.

  • Don't worry about everything being oil-free, just don't add extra oil.

  • Don't touch your face with dirty hands. Wash your hands!!

  • Clean your cellphone off. Daily. Wipe it down.

  • Wash your pillowcase every weekday.

We will get through this. Thank you for caring about others and wearing a mask. Stay healthy!

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