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POSE! | HOW TO COLLAB for tfp | Trade for print | Philly makeup artist

So you want to know how to collab for TFP or better known as, Trade For Print, huh?

Trade for Print is beneficial to find new people to work with, build your portfolio, test out new looks, and more. I highly suggest always having TFP options in your life, regardless of where you are at in your career. Who doesn't love some creative control and the ability to see it done with beautiful images?

Plus, it's always great to network with new people and Social Media seems to never stops needing photos.

  1. Follow Models, Photographers, and other Beauty Pros on Social Media.

  2. Build a relationship by commenting, liking and messaging

  3. E-mail them with your vision, your digital comp card, and a little introduction.

  4. Find time in your schedule to create and set up a shoot.

  5. Create a mood board with those involved to be on the same page. (This will also make sure it is mutually beneficial for everyone's portfolio)

Watch the images come to life.

Follow Model: @smallandblonde and photographer @mike.wake on IG

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