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quick marketing 101 | Philly Blogger | Social media

Here is some marketing tips that have always helped me.

  • You own your email list

I am sure you are hearing about this a lot. If Instagram and Facebook vanished you only have your email list. Is your email list enough to survive if social media platforms get deleted, hacked or disappeared?

Ps, if you are not signed up already for mine, here you go.

  • Engagement and Value out numbers Followers and Perfect Feeds

I will say this till I'm blue in the face: Six figure stylist, celebrity makeup artists and more career paths don't always have 1.4 million followers. A lot of them have under 2k. The number of followers and perfect photos of your coffee date do not make you any more/any less valuable. If you want to build your social media to take on a business take and add to your success then engage with your followers. If your engagement is high that speaks more volumes than higher followers who receive very low engagement.

  • Create an experience

This is advice for IRL and Social Media. Create an experience is the reason why people go to Starbucks. It is the reason why people buy Nike. They do not buy Nike cause its the only sneaker and proven to be the best. They buy Nike for the brand, not for the sale. They buy Nike for the experience and community it provides for people. Think the next time why you chose one restaurant over the other. Experience.

  • Consistency is key

This is my biggest downfall. But, I started with scheduling more and using more days to expect what you get from me. It's also okay to change and find new interests. It's okay to take down time and it's okay to not always have content. However, the more consistent you can be the more you clients know when to turn to you. They know what they will expect and can decide to keep following. Sometimes a calendar is helpful. Sometimes making a ton of content on one day is helpful. Play around with what works for you and your lifestyle to stay consistent.

  • It’s never too late to jump on board

(i. E. YouTube TikTok etc)

This was me. "I am too old for TikTok" or "everyone has talked about that on youtube", etc. But, it really is never too late. If you are a makeup artist that decided to become a meal prep service company, too, would you say., "oh, I can't join instagram everyone is already on there?" Nope, you'd make a website and an Instagram. So, why is joining TikTok or Youtube any different? You can build engagement after years of not caring or at day one.

Also, why are things like "TikTok and Youtube" on time limits but no one really talks about being too late for instagram or facebook? They are still platforms that are constantly used. Yes, TikTok is taking us by storm but those other sites still have people liking, sharing and buying. Now, more than ever, you get multiple ways to show off your company besides just a website. Also, get an email list. Ps, don't come for me, youtube will eventually happen for me too. Follow me on TikTok for now.

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