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Stop Wasting Your Money On These Items In Your KIT | Natty Contrera | Philly Blogger | Tuesday Tips

I had to write this blog. This would be a disservice to my viewers because I wish this blog existed 10 years ago. I have wasted so much money in the last handful of years experimenting with my kit. I wanted the best of the best or what I thought that was in the moment. (I don't know how to get this blog started)

1. Already created palettes

Most of these are NOT pro only. This means you are missing out on your discounts. Unless, you received them as a gratis item or more, buy singles and depot. This will also give you the ability to save space in your kit and repurchase when necessary.

Nothing is worse than needing just that ONE color.

2. Buying EVERYTHING new and exciting.

There is a difference between the TRIED And TRUE and the fad items. Enjoy the fad items for your instagram, for your personal self and for fun. Keep tried-and-true items in your kit only. These must-keeps should be easy access, refillable items and stops you from spending EXTRA money. It also keeps your kit and tools consistent. You will know how they perform on everyone, each and every time.

3. Not buying multi-use items

You will see this as a constant similarity in all my blogs. This will save you money and keep your kit compact. Simple as that. Cheek and lip creams are a total win.

Also fun fact, you do not need to buy bro powder, eye shadows are the same thing. This also makes sense for contouring palettes. You can use foundations and concealers, IF YOU MUST, for contouring.

4. Not researching your products for the best price

Utilize your pro discounts, online sales, coupons and more. Does it make the most sense to buy it right now inside of Ulta with a coupon or wait for the online shipping? Always keep inventory and pian ahead. A friend in the industry once said to me "If you stay ready, you never have to get ready."

Another pro-tip: Pack FOR the JOB I always hear "but what if I need it", well, in years and years, I have NEVER needed blue eye shadow for bridal. Also, if you downsize and put things in palettes -- you can carry way more. Anyway, back to packing for the job, be realistic and communicate. If it's a photographer, have a mood board, if its TFP (trade for print), have a mood board, discuss with the other creators involved and more. If it's bridal, communicate with your bride. I could go on and on forever. Packing for your job isn't going in blind. It's not assuming. It's packing after communication.

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