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the things that set you apart as a pro | Tip tuesday | Natty Contrera | Philly makeup artist

Here is 10 things that will set you apart as a Pro

1. A website (with a domain name.)

Pay for that shit, please. GoDaddy is like $5 a year for your domain. No more just going off of Instagram.

2. Educational and Valuable Content

Product shots are overrated and overtaken by every influencer. Make sure your products contain knowledge and a reason to keep seeking you out on social media. Social media can be a glimpse to your portfolio but its okay to make it social!

3. An appropriate email

No more "" Okay, so that was never an email of mine, but honestly, I wish it was. Make it your first and last name. Gmail is a great place. Using your domain name is even better.

4. A Professional Number

Google Voice. And don't be like me and take six months to even really give it to anyone.

5. Logo and Branding

Invest in that. Find friends who are great with it. Get comfortable with branding. You are your walking advertisement but you are also your brand. Have your logo and branding speak for you.

6. Business Cards

This is basic. I prefer using small local companies before I use something like Vista Print. But, it's so easy. Make them simple. Make them ON BRAND.

7. Digital and Non-Digital Comp Cards

I am a very digital person so I email all my comp cards but don't get it twisted I can print and send these bad boys out with no problem.

8. Email Templates and Email Signatures

This saves brain space and makes you sound more professional. You are always ready. I save email templates I always use in my notes on my phone. The bonus to having everything Mac -- I can pull up my notes on my ipad, iphone or on my mac air.

9. Email Subscription List

This is so beneficial to keep track of clients, talk to your clients and keep everyone informed. No one wants a ton of useless emails. But, your clients definitely want to know about sales, deals, giveaway and high value information. Plus, with a subscription list they are all together in one nice spot.

Hopefully this helps. Till next Pro Tip Tuesday! xo

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