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update your contract for inclusivity | how to | Wedding contract | mua philly

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks back I talked about on my IG (and other social media platforms) that I was changing my "bridal" contract. It will now be just a Client Services Contract.

If you have downloaded my Bridal Experienced Guide, you will know how important contracts are on the wedding day. Even using the word, Bridal made me realize that I was excluding a few people.

I pride myself on accepting mistakes and constantly wanting to grow. I do not plan on changing the Bridal Guide because it served its purpose. I do plan to create an updated version for those also growing with me. Stay tuned for that in the near future.

Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about your contracts. Is there anywhere in your contracts where inclusivity is not clear? Is there anywhere in your contract that could use some fine-tuning to represent all people across the globe?

Ask yourself:

Am I included, non-binary individuals

Men who would want makeup

Non-monogamous couples who have partners attending the wedding

Attendees who would like their makeup or hair done?

Do I have a section for non-English speakers?

This is just a small way to remind your valued clients that "I see you and I see your loved ones". For me, I always want it to be known to my clients, "Welcome. It's safe and brave here with me."

Talk soon, friends.

Also, follow me live on every Tuesday at 7 pm EST to talk about Beauty Tips, Business Tricks, and Current events!

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